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Mass media about us

Mass media about us

New internet project that was seen by thousands of Internet users from all over the world has by all means been a success and has received recognition from many lovers of art of photography. Notwithstanding serious competition with existing world leaders, this project has challenged them and looked for its own audience to share secrets and possibilities to obtain high quality pictures.

We, the team of software developers and technical specialists, have tried to resolve those issues that are inseparable from any digital equipment and the products. We are delighted that our users have understood our goals and tasks. Major credit goes to internet and mass media who have comprehended the difference between artistic editing software and our project that allows improvement in quality, size, etc to memorable pictures without major changes even to amateurs in photo editing software. This editor has another distinguishing quality first interface in Russian. As the DigitalPhoto magazine has noted: This service confirm the notion that Made in Russia can by all means be a high quality product.

We would like to express our gratitude to various professionals and experts who have followed our progress from the very first days of this projects life. Our thank you goes to the editorial staff of the DigitalPhoto, DigitalCamera, Foto Masterskaya, ComputerBild, Computerra, Chip magazines, Vedomosti and Foto Petersburg newspapers, as well as Ekho Moskvy radio station and Vesti-24 (Russian Information Channel) TV-channel. You can view the item from Science and Engineering channel here.

We also have to mention Internet mass media that has constantly noted major successful ideas in on-line solutions. The list of certain popular Internet publications with news on project in different languages:

Photosight: /

.RU, information portal:

CIO, online magazine:

Compulenta, online magazine:

Sekret firmi, Ione, online magazine:

Cnews, online magazine:

Photoline, information portal:

LugaRus, thecnologies portal:

ROL, information portal:

Vedomosti, off/online magazine:

LinkuJ, information portal:

DaMaGeLab, information portal:

Internet-ZONA, computer magazine:

E-Photolink, digital photo information portal:

Russian Documents, IT-digest:

3D News, digital digest:, computer magazine:

PC WEEK, thecnologies magazine:

Techlabs, computer magazine:

PC NEWS, computer magazine:

JJ, information blogs:

Photo News, photo news portal:

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